The market today is a good and stable place

I could at this point regurgitate an abundance of stats about market trends and predictions, (as anyone who has sat next to me at a diner party can unfortunately vouch for) but stats are only derived by as a result of a market, they are not the cause or reason.
The market today is a good and stable place, as many of my recent clients have found.

What happened in 2008 to the market was a good thing, it eliminated the greed which ultimately caused and resulted in the down turn. People are now buying properties that they want to buy, not what they feel they should, or have to buy. This is a wonderful thing which is creating a cautious yet stable market.

I strongly believe that a home is something that should rise way above consumerism. Its value should be more in emotional capital rather than financial capital.

Mark Doman, Premier Move

Mark Doman, Premier Move

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