Mr Brown called for an Election

At last Mr Brown has called for a General Election. Historically, in estate agency, we have found that leading up to an election can be a bit of a hit and miss affair.  A time when people are unsure about what is to come and therefore will hedge their bets by doing nothing until the way forward is clearer.  I am happy to report that this time round the ‘trend’ seems to have been bucked. Good buyers about, quality tenants looking and some excellent mortgage deals available. Now that I have written this of course it will probably go very quiet!  But, I’m pleased to report that at the moment we are very busy and it is certainly a good time to get on the ladder or move up a rung especially as we are slowly climbing out of recession.

If you are  considering selling or letting your property, please do call us for up to date advice.

Linda Payne, Country Properties Hatfield

Linda Payne, Country Properties Hatfield

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