Easter rush

With the clocks going forward and lighter evenings and hopefully better weather, buyers will unquestionably be more motivated and the Easter weekend signifies the start of the ‘Peak’ season.

Various mortgage companies are suggesting all sorts of fluctuations on price but the truth of the matter is, if a property is well marketed and competitively priced it will sell within a 4/6 week timescale, certainly within the time of year that we are entering now, and the differential between asking prices and selling prices is smaller as opposed to actual asking prices going up.

It is still very much a good time to move with interest rates remaining low and the market still relatively compressed after the trough period we are coming out of, so people looking to upsize, now is the time to make that move.

For sellers now is time to take advantage of increased demand and motivated buyers.

David Garofalo Branch Manager, Wilson Peacock Letchworth

David Garofalo Branch Manager, Wilson Peacock Letchworth

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