Martin P Bishop, Managing Director, Bryan Bishop & Partners

Funny thing the British have about ‘the weather’ – it invariably starts a conversation either because we can’t think of anything else to say or we are genuinely interested in the other person’s take on it…….  Well, I’ve heard more talk about the weather in these past few weeks than for the whole of the previous year!   The thing is, we live our life around it, we eat it, drink it and sleep it.  It affects us mentally and physically and with January being the coldest on record for the past 30 years, it’s hardly surprising that people haven’t ventured out much to view houses!
So it has been a slow start for Estate Agents this year, after something of a ‘rally’ at the end of last.   We normally are slow out the blocks in January but, as we move in to March, there is a noticeable lift in activity from both buyers and sellers alike.    Perhaps recognising that we are approaching the seasonally popular time of year to sell?  There is more to it than just the weather…….it’s ‘bonus’ time for many city professionals and one has to ask where else do you put surplus cash if not in to a property?  The banks are offering little help, the stock market is risky, there is always ‘fine art & wine but we are talking about large sums of money here.   Property has always been a safe long-term investment, particularly at a time when prices are set to rise in the future.
Take a look at what is new to the market, but don’t forget those properties that have been on previously, they often represent good value for money.  This seems to be what the buying public are most concerned with after ‘location’.
So let us hope the spring brings with it warm sunshine and a sign of better times ahead.
Martin P Bishop, Managing Director, Bryan Bishop & Partners

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