The rental market saw a tremendous start to the New Year which now seems to have been thwarted by a general lack of new property letting instructions coming to the market.
We believe this is because of the lack of cheap mortgage money available for buy-to-let property purchases and people taking their time to make major decisions until possibly after the election!

We’ve also seen tenants becoming choosier with what they’re looking for when it comes to rental property and taking longer to make their final choice.
A good letting agent will work through negotiating the right deal for both landlord and tenant.

As a team we take great pride in advising and recommending to landlords how to make sure their property is rented out as quickly as possible. Sometimes this isn’t always about price but how the property is marketed and presented!

Dharmesh Patadia, Director, Norgans Lettings & Property Management

Dharmesh Patadia, Director, Norgans Lettings & Property Management

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