Time gives good advice

The past 18 months have been a veritable roller coaster ride for both sellers and landlords alike, the tightening of mortgage loans and depleted equities have dealt each a similarly paralysing blow.

But the housing market, as with all markets is continually evolving, creating opportunity out of adversity and favouring the brave.
The opportunity at this particular moment within the market is with those savvy enough to recognise that an extraordinary shortage of property ‘For sale’ coupled with low rates of interest on mortgage loans has only ever meant one thing.

Prices are heading north; buyers are struggling to find a home to purchase and are reluctant to ‘miss the boat’ when one finally does materialise. The tide is turning, savvy property vendors are once again achieving their asking prices and on occasion more, the time to move, is now.

So don’t wait for the moment to pass, if the phrase ‘The best time to invest is when things seem to be at their most pessimistic’ is true you may already have missed the apex, but then it also said that ‘Better late than never!’
Lawrence Johnson, Stonegate Estates

Lawrence Johnson, Stonegate Estates

Lawrence Johnson, Stonegate Estates

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