What a start!

Mark Shearing, Putterills

Mark Shearing, Putterills

Despite the icy weather it’s certainly been a happy New Year for the local property market!

Just a few days back and the property market is already springing back into life.
As so often happens the Christmas and New Year break has given people some family time to talk and discuss the future.   For some its buying their first home, starting a family, perhaps a lifestyle move into the country or even time to downsize and spend more time on holiday and less time worrying about the garden !  
Already more and more new buyers are starting there property search and we are helping many more sellers with valuations of their existing homes, a sure sign there will be more property to choose from over the coming weeks.
There are positive signs the economy appears to be over the worst and this is encouraging more people to consider the move they may have postponed over the difficult last year or two.
Prices are stable, and some even showing signs of improvement, so the shrewd buyers seem to be getting in fast before the spring rush!
Mortgage availability is easing and poor returns on savings on deposit are turning more people back to investing in bricks and mortar.
We are all looking forward to a nice steady market in 2010, so go, make your move now!

Mark Shearing, Putterills,  Welwyn Garden City

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