Past, present and future

Sue Wilson MNAEA If you’re a turkey, I guess it’s OK to breathe a sigh of relief that another Festive Season has gone by!! We certainly hope that all our clients past, present and future enjoyed a safe and happy time.
But what of the future? Uppermost in the news for the coming months, will be the impending General Election. I know my colleague Estate Agents will agree with me when I say that I hope this doesn’t interfere too much in what has been a refreshingly optimistic period for those wanting to buy and sell.
Building Societies and Banks are lending more and more each month and are now even starting to compete for business (rates are getting more competitive). Lesser spotted first time buyers are leaving the relative safety of their parents homes and making that first commitment, builders are busy releasing new builds – what a positive time we have ahead of us!
As was mentioned before Christmas, there continues to be no better time to move than this. So, get that tidying done, boxes to the loft – put the coffee on and make 2010 the year that you make your best move ever!!!

Sue Wilson MNAEA
Country Properties Stevenage

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