The demand for properties over the last few months

The demand for properties over the last few months has soared with confidence coming back to the market, lower interest rates and keener prices contributing towards a sharp upturn in fortunes for sellers in 2009.

Going back to 2008 Rightmove reported 15 properties to 1 buyer whereas now that is more like 6 or 7 properties to a buyer and that shows the market has identified how much of a good time it is to move following on from initiatives like Countrywide’s ‘good time to move’ earlier this year.
“We are currently experiencing high levels of demand for ‘chain free’ properties, due to the fact of the impending stamp duty change and people wanting to be moved by christmas who want a ‘hassle free’ experience. To meet this demand we have set up a chain free section on our website to showcase these properties and attract more buyers. As most buyers are finding at the moment with a short supply of properties, and a lot of these being involved in chains, they generally need to find a property quickly so this is making the chain free properties section an ideal choice.
In addition the buyers in the market for mortgages are now starting to shift more towards fixed rate mortgages with the expected interest rate increases in 2010 buyers are keen to hold a rate now.
The end of this year will be more frenetic then those gone by due to the short supply and increased demand, so if you are contemplating selling or buying it may well be worth your while to take advantage of the buoyant times now.


David Garofalo Wilson Peacock Letchworth

David Garofalo Wilson Peacock Letchworth

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