Who do you listen to?

Linda Payne - Principal, Country Properties HatfieldRead the papers or listen to the news and you get so many conflicting reports these days from so called ‘experts’ about what the housing market is likely to do during the rest of 2009 and all through next year. From a ‘grass roots’ perspective, what we can say is that we are extremely busy in both sales and lettings at the moment and it seems to be steady business – the absolute opposite of a boom or bust scenario.

Across Herts from the peak we estimate an average of around 25% was wiped off property values however this year we have seen a percentage being clawed back. Some doom merchants would have you believe that this recovery in the property market will stop but with mortgages becoming more readily available (from 1.98% !!) and our economic climate steadily improving, we believe they will be proved wrong.

We can see that values will continue to climb – albeit slowly.

Linda Payne – Principal, Country Properties Hatfield

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