Too many opinions and not enough answers!

Gary and Peter Wright, Partners of Mortgage Advice Network

We all have periods in our lives when all we want is a simple answer on what to do, and yet what do we get? A rather large headache and not much else. Since the start of the credit crunch the financial world has been thrown into turmoil, everyone from television journalists to politicians all expressing an opinion or suggestion on what worried families should do about their current financial position.

Please don’t get me wrong, everyone’s entitled to an opinion, however, often that opinion or piece of advice is given by people who are neither qualified nor authorised to do so. As a result, if that piece of advice ends up being inappropriate, there’s often nowhere to turn and nobody who’ll listen.

More than ever hard working families need professional, qualified and appropriate advice on areas such as mortgages, insurance and general finance. Therefore we will be publishing a regular ‘blog’ in association with Welwyn & Hatfield Times, covering subjects that really affect households in these uncertain times.

Gary and Peter Wright
Partners of Mortgage Advice Network

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