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Ben South Chandlers Estates

There is so much of it, are we in recession? Are we out of it? The stock market has pushed through the ‘5000’ barrier, will the recovery be a ‘double dip’? ‘ U shape’? ‘V shape’? or even a Nike Tick? The same can be said of house prices – they’re up, they’re down and back up again, but to what extent?

2009 for the housing sector has been more successful than predicted, when I look at property put on the market in 2009 Chandlers have sold 63% with 23% still for sale, we will end the year selling seven or eight of every ten houses we put on the market. For those considering a move this will prove reassuring and give confidence to commence marketing. If you haven’t moved home in recent years it is useful to note that you now require a Home Information Pack before your home can go on the market, as Chandlers have their own Domestic Energy Assessor most of the work is done ‘in house’ and as a result our properties are normally only 24 hours away from being for sale.

Its approaching 30 years since the directors of Chandlers have worked in this industry and I know common sense needs to prevail in a difficult climate, it was disappointing to learn the long term fate of Stevenage Land Registry Dept last week and I daresay we haven’t heard the last of such events, the mortgage market continues a cautious approach to lending and purchasers are being led by their head not their heart. That being said if you want to move and have a 70%-80% chance of a sale give me a call and lets talk it over.

Ben South
Chandlers Estates

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