Forget the X Factor – What about the WOW Factor!

Sue Wilson MNAEA, Country Properties Stevenage

Is it me or is Christmas getting earlier every year?

The X Factor is back on the telly so we must be coming up to Christmas….It only seems like yesterday that we were seeing in 2009 and all the uncertainty it would bring us. But in this blog its not the X factor I want to talk about, its the W Factor – W = WOW!

Throughout this year, my profession has seen the housing market get stronger and stronger.  House prices have once again started to climb and although some sceptics are claiming that there may still be some tough times ahead, mortgages are more readily available, better rates are available, unemployment figures are slowing down and there’s talk of the end of the recession. Certainly within Country Properties we’ve seen a huge increase in demand for property and we definitely think this year is ending on a WOW Factor.

If you’re thinking of moving up or buying for the first time especially as stamp duty returns to £125,000 in December, there has never been a better time to move.
Don’t ‘Cowell’ – there’s plenty of building societies that would ‘Leona’ you the money – I’ll bet things will continue to improve and I’m confident I wont have to ‘Walsh’ on it!!

Sue Wilson MNAEA
Country Properties Stevenage

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