When is it a good time to move ?

Sue Wilson MNAEA - Country properties StevenageBy Sue Wilson MNAEA – Country Properties Stevenage

So, when is it a good time to move…
Quote: “There’s no time like the present”!

Personally I prefer Alan Sugars take on things……
Quote: “Act at the time of maximum pessimism”.  We’re on our way out of a particularly nasty time and we’ve seen grief and hardship in every industry. This period will be seen as the most impactive recession ever.

Well, that’s the horror story out of the way: where does this leave us?  The housing market was the first to feel the recession and the first to come out of it.  I can honestly tell you (thankfully) we’ve had our best August in the 7 years of trading in the Old Town. That isn’t down to luck. It’s a result of hard work and determination, excellent customer service and the security of a superior Network.

If you want to move you will…..simples.  And yes, in your mind (and wallet) you may feel your property has lost value….and it has! BUT so is the property you’ll be moving onto – go on – get moving, the percentages are in your favour.

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