Thinking of moving to a new home?

Dharmesh Patadia, Director Norgans Lettings & Property Management HitchinWe’ve recently seen a number of our long term tenants make the bold move and buy their first home indicating that confidence may slowly be beginning to show through to the housing market in our area. So if you’re thinking of moving to a new home, whether to buy or rent, here are some good ideas to help you.

Talk to a financial advisor who’ll help you assess your personal financial situation and find out which mortgage type is suitable for you. The stories that mortgage lenders have stopped lending are not true – the lenders have become more responsible and will certainly ask more questions. Savings – most mortgage lenders are now asking for higher deposits than the previous 5% or 10% – make sure your funds are readily available House Prices moving up or down – this is relative to your personal situation and what truly matters is the differential between sale and purchase prices – a good agent will be able to negotiate within the chain on your behalf.

If you’re one of the many thousands of people who choose not to buy, don’t have a sufficient deposit or are waiting for market stability then renting is probably the right choice for you. Make sure you choose an agent who has experience and knowledge of the area, has staff that are keen and professionally qualified and has client money protection to safeguard your deposit.

Dharmesh Patadia, Director Norgans Lettings & Property Management Hitchin

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