Correct Pricing is the key to your next move

Chris Kyriacou - Haart Whilst we all want the best price for our homes, an asking price, which is too optimistic, will often hinder your chances of selling. I often hear vendors say “well they always offer less” or “well they can always make me an offer” To the first statement I would say that, no they don’t always offer less, not if they really want the property and it’s already on for the “right price”. To the second statement, if you are on for too much then you will not have enough viewings to generate that elusive offer.

Remember, most people now use the Internet to find property, so be smart with your price. For example if you need £200,000 for your house and its worth every penny, then do not be tempted to put it on for £210,000 to take offers. By doing this you will miss out on a massive pool of buyers who will be searching up to £200,000 on the Internet. It would be far better to put it up for £200,000 or £199,995 and be firm on your price, if the property is worth the money, you will get your offer. If no offer is forthcoming, then you have been unrealistic and need to re-think your options, after all the market dictates the price, not estate agents nor sellers!

Chris Kyriacou – Haart

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