Are you considering moving up the property ladder?

Duncan Price Branch Manager Putterills of HertfordshireThe local property market continues to show steady signs of growth and improvement.

This week we have seen a particular focus and increasing demand for three bedroom homes situated within the Old Town, Chells Manor and Great Ashby. Many buyers seem to be concentrating on purchasing homes within areas that will hopefully show a better return on their investment in the long term. With the summer holidays now behind us and children back at school, the market is expected to rally over the coming weeks. A number of buyers are focusing on securing a property with an aim to being settled into their new home’s by Christmas. With this is mind as we enter autumn, demand for properties is expected to continue, putting ever increasing pressure on existing stock levels.

We have already seen prices rise again, and early predictions for 2010 are positive.

It goes without saying that if you are considering moving up the property ladder, then current market conditions could very well work in your favour. Interest rates remain at 0.5% for the sixth month in a row and it looks like they are here to stay for longer than previously expected!

So if you are considering selling, keep your garden tidy, plant some autumn colour, freshen up the paint work and de clutter!,

Please talk to us and there is a very good chance that you could be one of the ever increasing number of clients whose dreams of moving before the end of the have become a reality!

Good luck!

Duncan Price
Branch Manager – Putterills of Hertfordshire

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