Launch of ‘Pre-Offer Survey’ Ensures UK Homebuyers Will Never Again Overpay for a Property

In a first for the UK property market, The Buying Agents are offering its customers a ‘Pre-Offer Survey’, which is a survey carried out by a RICS-qualified surveyor before the prospective buyer even makes an offer.

The Pre-Offer survey (prepared by now survey) is carried out usually at the second or third viewing stage, and allows a potential buyer to make a more informed decision about the level of offer to make for a potential property – fully aware of any shortcomings or problems it may have.

With the recent withdrawal of the requirement for a Home Information Pack The Buying Agents and now survey decided to try to work together to provide valuable information for a property buyer at the point that they need it most.  Originally Home Information Packs were to contain a Home Condition Report which would have made this information available to any potential buyer.

Dan Butt, Managing Partner of now survey comments, “The idea behind this new product is to allow buyers to make an informed decision before making an offer on a property and in a housing market which is still somewhat fragile following recent market conditions, to help with negotiating a price acceptable to both parties.  In the traditional situation a survey is often carried out after a price has been agreed leading to the need to renegotiate.”

A further discount on the asking price can be achieved by the expertise of The Buying Agents, who use their local area and general market knowledge to further negotiate down the vendor and selling agent. To optimise their clients buying position The Buying Agents only put forward an offer when their clients are fully proceedable, which is outlined to the seller and estate agent in the form of a ‘Ready to Buy’ certificate.

Tim Hammond, CEO, The Buying Agents comments: “The Pre-Offer Survey fundamentally shifts the balance of power from the seller to the buyer and ensures that anyone buying a property never pays over the odds again. Most people wouldn’t buy a second hand car without an RAC or AA report so it’s crazy that most buyers either have no survey at all or only have a survey carried out after making an offer.

As a homebuyer client of The Buying Agents the combination of a pre-offer survey and a Ready to Buy certificate puts you in an extremely strong negotiating position ”

About now survey
now survey are a firm of Chartered Surveyors specialising in residential survey and valuation with coverage throughout England and South Wales. As well as the Pre Offer Survey they can help with Homebuyers Surveys, Building Condition Surveys, Structural Reports and valuations.  –    Tel: 0845 050 0022

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