Phil Spencer’s Top Tips.. On Getting Onto The Hot Buyers List

Phil Spencer dishes out advice on how to be a smart buyer:

The best properties are always in demand. To find out about them first you need to be on the agents ‘hot buyers’ list. What’s the best way to do this?

Remember two things: firstly, that estate agents work for vendors, so as a buyer it’s up to you to work relationships to your advantage. Secondly, that the early bird always catches the worm – so it’s worth being highly pro-active when house-hunting.

No 1: Don’t waste their time. Only register once you know exactly how much you can spend, what type of home you’re after and in which locations. Be prepared to compromise. There’s nothing in the world agents like more than a well-prepared, decisive purchaser.
No 2: Be very, very nice to estate agents. If you build up a good working relationship, they’re more likely to want to help. You need them more than they need you.
No 3: When first registering, visit agents in person. You’ll get better information and will develop stronger relationships by talking face-to-face. Without fail, call all your new contacts once a week – keeping up the relationship is crucial. Be pro-active.

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