10 simple things to improve to move!

It used to be a case of whether you should improve your property or move but with the credit crunch taking its toll on the housing market it is now more a case of having to improve in order to move.

Statistics suggest that the majority of house hunters will drive past a property for sale first to see whether its exterior is in good condition and to check out the local area before even arranging a viewing. ‘Kerb appeal’, therefore, plays a huge part in the sale of a house and in today’s tough market doing a few simple things to improve your property could result in more viewings and ultimately a successful sale.

As well as ‘Kerb appeal’, gardens and outdoor space are also high on the list of desirable features for potential homebuyers, with many actually preferring a garden to a spare bedroom. It has even been suggested that a well maintained, easy-to-care for garden can add as much as £10,000 to a property’s value so making the most of whatever outdoor space you have is clearly a good strategy when putting a house on the market.

Here are 10 easy things that you could do to improve the kerb appeal of your property and make sure you garden cuts it with potential buyers. They won’t break the bank but might help you clinch that all important sale:

1. Make sure first impressions count and your house draws people in from the kerb. Paint any chipped or cracked windowsills.

2. Give your front door a lick of paint or wipe over plastic frames.

3. Make sure the access to the house is clear of dustbins, bikes or prams and don’t block the front of your house with a car.

4. Catch up on any maintenance jobs, such as clearing out gutters or repairing broken fence panels at the front of the house

5. Make the most of your garden. Above all it should be neat and tidy with hedges trimmed, grass cut and borders/patio weeded. If spending hours weeding does not appeal than try a systemic weed killer like Roundup Pump and Go which will kill the root as well as the weed while you get on with other jobs.

6. Remove any dead or decaying plants and prune back any overgrown trees.

7. Adding a touch of colour will increase the appeal of your outside space so try placing flowerpots around patio areas and by your front door.

8. Create the feeling of additional outdoor space by adding a table and chairs for an alfresco dining area.

9. Wash the patio and driveway down with a power washer to remove accumulated grime and moss.

10. Have a close look at your shed or any outbuildings. Would they benefit from a coat of paint or varnish?

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