Time to prepare your home for sale

Mike Dibble, who is the Director based at Bradleys Estate Agents Sidmouth Office,  has put together a few pointers for sellers before they put their property on the market.  Mike is well placed to part with this advice as he has over 32 years experience in local estate agency.

“ It is well worth investing some money and effort into making your property as appealing to potential buyers as possible,” commented Mike.  This can greatly improve your chances of a quick sale at the price you want as you compete with other properties in your area that historically come on in the market at this time of year.  Mike has put together his top tips on how to show your property in its best light:

First impressions count!

Spruce up the front garden, add some colour with pots and baskets and give the front door a fresh lick of paint if needed. Remember some potential buyers will do a ‘drive-by’ before booking a viewing so make sure your property has ‘Kerb Appeal’

Look at which rooms could benefit from freshening up. If you do repaint make sure you decorate the whole room and avoid obvious touch ups. Don’t invest in expensive décor, as a buyer is likely to change it once they move in. Clean carpets make a big difference and also make rooms look bigger.


By having a good clear out you’ll make rooms more spacious, and you’ll be very glad you’ve done it when you come to move! Avoid hanging lots of stuff on the back of doors; it’ll make it seem cramped if you can’t open them fully. Declutter and get to the ‘car boot sale’.

Get cleaning!

Giving your home a good spring clean and keeping it that way will show the property has been cared for. Kitchens and bathrooms in particular need to be clean and tidy and it is worth considering replacing them if they really have seen better days. If you’re thinking about major work to your house to get a better price, do ask our advice first – we’re happy to come round for a chat even if you’re not going to be putting your house on the market immediately.

Get outside!

After kitchens and bathrooms it is nice gardens that buyers list as a priority, so don’t forget the outside of your property. Back gardens should be tidied up in the same way you would indoors. Even if you haven’t got a burgeoning Kew Gardens make the most of the space and show off its potential to a prospective buyer.

Finishing touches

When you start having viewings you need to make sure the house is tidy; make sure floors and surfaces are clear, washing up done etc. Make sure blinds and curtains are open, especially during the warmer months to let plenty of air and light in. This will also help create a fresh natural smell, which is far more appealing to potential buyers than pungent artificial room fresheners or last night’s dinner.

If you would like advice on your particular property and where it would be worth investing your time and/or money in improvements along with an up to date valuation please contact Mike at Bradleys Sidmouth office on 01395 578444.

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