Spring is a good time to think of moving

By Seam Alcock of  Goddard & Co

When the the clocks spring forward it is a sure sing the the days will become longer.

The gardens are starting to bloom with leaves starting to form on the trees.

Traditionally this is a time for the housing market to spring into action too.

Interest rates are still at record lows and mortgage funds are becoming more readily available.

Indeed with the Government backing 95% mortgages for new build properties there is plenty of reason for optimism. January and February have been busy months probably because many first time buyers have been taking advantage of the stamp duty holiday until March 23.

Properties in all price ranges, provided they have been competitively priced, are having a great deal more interest shown in them than this time last year.

We have constantly stressed that interest rates will eventually rise and it would be sensible to consider a fixed rate deal.

There is still a shortage of new houses being built and the Government is trying to rectify this by offering incentives.

Whether you are a buy to let Landlord, first time buyer or just seeking to move property, now would seem to be a good time to consider a change.

Your home always looks much more appealing when Spring is in the air.

Moving home is a very important decision in people’s lives.

Whether your chosen property is a renovation project, a new build or traditional home, it is important that you receive the best advice.

The first step is to consider what you can afford and take proper, professional mortgage advice as this way you are less likely to overstep your financial position.

Carefully select the type of property that suits your needs and finally, look for an area that you feel you could enjoy.

Yes, moving home is stressful but it can also be exhilarating.

Choose an agent who knows your local area and with whom you feel comfortable.

The traditional house hunting season is underway, so go out a find your dream home.

Spring is in the air.


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