Why we want to buy in Norfolk and stay here, by Ivor Newman

Written by Ivor Newman.

I believe we live in the best city which is in the best county and in the best country in the world.

I am basing this on the fact that millions of people would like to live in theUKif they could.

I genuinely feel thatNorfolkhas so much to offer as a county. We’ve got a fabulous rural landscape, seaside towns, an excellent hospital and university too.

How many people leaveNorwichto go to another location and return, realising they took a lot for granted?

Norfolkitself boasts green fields, the Broads and a superb coastline, people come for holidays here and then decide to move and of course our county is not a cut through to get somewhere else – if you come toNorfolkyou do actually want to be here!

I, myself have lived in many areas of the UK and can honestly say, in my opinion, that Norfolk is the best and it also offers very good value compared with many other towns and cities, especially in the south of England.

I wonder if many people still have not discovered its beauty?

With regard to the housing market in the UK as well, it’s holding up pretty well compared with abroad – take a look what’s happening in places like Spain, for example, which is seeing a crash and properties just not selling.

In my opinion, it was only a matter of time because although people felt house prices would go up, the supply and demand situation was the opposite as in theUK. Remember what happened in theUSwith the credit crunch, however.

But theUSis big enough to just discard a ghost town and simply build another in a better location but this is just not possible in theUK.

I think most people feel more comfortable at present in investing in property in theUKthan abroad and perhaps that’s one of the reasons why we do have a shortage of stock in this country, compared to many others.

Come and find us or see our minis around the city at abbotFox, Kingsley House, Upper King Street, Norwich on 01603 660000.

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