Our Aussie agent Cameron Black has now come of age….

 Written by Cameron Black.

This week, as director for Fine & Country Norfolk and northSuffolk, I want to contemplate the older things in life!

This week I managed to reach a small milestone in my life, my 40th birthday.

A stepping stone to bigger and better things, I hear you say although my friends mostly made fun of this fact with the favourite ‘getting old’ line rolled out more than a few times.

Luckily for me I don’t feel old and hopefully have a few years left in me yet.

Getting “old” ties in nicely with the majority of our properties which we market are also of an age when, more often than not, like myself, they have the odd creak. As a buyer and a seller what we need to remember is that although these properties may not be perfect they have been standing, in some cases, for three or four centuries and they will still be here long after I and you have departed. So where are you going with this Mr Black, I hear you ask?

Well, in this climate where selling and buying is proving to be more difficult than in recent times I am hoping that both parties (buyers and sellers) can take a common sense approach to surveys that may pick up the odd problem with these older houses.

From the buyer’s point of view of course issues will pop up in surveys but if the house is the one you want, this may not prove to be a major issue.

From the seller’s point of view we all know that there are not a lot of buyers out there.

So if you are lucky enough to have someone show interest then we recommend that you work with the buyer in terms of any issues that are raised within a survey because you may not get another buyer come along for a while!

I’m not trying to sound negative, it’s just that I see sales fall out of bed for needless reasons where if some common sense had intervened then everybody would have been happy.

Having said this, I can report from the Fine and Country Norwich office that sales have been strong for March, having converted 16pc of our stock into sales which, combined with the fabulous weather we are having, makes for a promising year ahead.

Not bad for an old boy!!

If you are looking for some advice about selling your family home then please feel free to give me a call or chat to one of my team.


You can contact us at Fine and Country on 01603 221888 or email me at cameron.black@fineandcountry.com.

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