Our Norwich agent and two of his staff got to go to the big smoke this week.

Written by Steve Pymm.

In my column this week, I want to talk about how we at Pymm and Co hosted another highly successful Norfolk specialist marketing day at our associated office in London’s West End.

So many of our buyers in Norfolk are moving out from London and the south east now, we find these days spent in London are invaluable to introduce our clients’ properties to buyers from outside our own area.

There is no doubt that today the internet, among other innovations and print advertising, has had a significant impact on the way people look for their next home or property investment, and our strategy in this respect is highly sophisticated and effective. Yet there is still no substitute for face-to-face meetings with buyers. Buying a home is such a personal decision that helping buyers to make the right choices is a key ingredient in us providing a comprehensive service to our clients.

Pymm and co may be well attuned to the new marketing techniques of the 21st century but personal contact is still the number one way to sell property and until that changes we will go out of our way to interact directly with purchasers.

So Andrew Fox, my senior valuer, Gary Dixon, the director of our Thorpe End office and myself headed to the capital to our Mayfair office where we were assisted by the London office personnel. Over the years this team has become recognised as one of the most skilled and knowledgeable property-marketing specialists in the capital. Their expertise in media marketing and their experience in helping people is second to none.

Pymm and Co regularly hold London marketing days so if you’re planning a day out in the big smoke, you might just see us there!

You can contact Steve Pymm, director of Pymm and Co on 01603 305805.

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