Meet Lizzie Barran who tells us all about her job.

Written by Lizzie Barran.

I have worked for the national property agents Strutt and Parker for three years, training in the land management departments at Chester and in Norwich.

I qualified as a chartered surveyor last year and joined the agency department to work with Alastair Brown and Tom Goodley.

I think I bring a different perspective to the team being a newcomer to the profession and also being female!

I also brought with me another recruit; Sue, my three year-old black cocker spaniel.

Despite Alastair’s concern she was going to cause havoc, she is quite happy sleeping quietly in her basket providing she gets her lunchtime walk down to the river and a sandwich crust.

I have always taken an interest in property and it was not a surprise to my friends and family when I decided to do a degree in property and land management.

Working for Strutt and Parker I get to see some very interesting and prestigious properties.

The job satisfaction for me is devising an effective marketing campaign and achieving the sale. It is a good feeling when I personally introduce a buyer to a house whether being advertised on the market or privately.

Strutt and Parker have a national database of registered applicants (people who are actively looking for property) and I spend a lot of my time speaking to them on the phone and getting to know exactly what they are looking for which enables me to match them to the right house.

This month we ran a national Open House Day with houses participating from all of our 48 offices nationwide.

The marketing campaign commenced in July with national and local advertising to raise the profile of the event.

The open house day was proven successful with buyers liking the flexible environment to view.

It led to a number of second viewings, offers and new sales agreed.

Despite, my lunchtime walks getting colder and the days getting shorter it is encouraging there is still activity in the market place to stimulate.

You can contact Lizzie Barran at Strutt & Parker on 01603 617431.

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