Does an estate agent in Norfolk need a London office?

This week, Director for Fine & Country Norfolk and North Suffolk, Cameron Black, discusses the benefits of having a head office in London.

As we all know here in good ol’ Norfolk those people who live down south in and around the London area generally have more money than us folk up here. This is mainly due to the high prices that property tends to fetch in and around London. So as more people look to cash in on their property prices they are looking for more affordable parts of the country where their quality of life can be improved whether it be for their children, lower crime rates or less traffic etc. With the increasing number of people leaving London then surely it would make sense to choose an agent with a London connection??? Now this is where you have to be a little careful as some agents (not all!!) claim to have a London Office however upon closer inspection it won’t be their name above the door. Next weekend I personally am heading down to the Fine and Country Head Office on Park Lane Mayfair to help organise the East Anglian Fine and Country Property Exhibition (we have been running the adverts both locally and in the National Press to ensure a good turn out!). With a

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selection of properties tucked under my arm I will be directly dealing with people who obviously are looking for a change in lifestyle with Norfolk firmly in their sights. However, we don’t just need exhibitions to show off our properties as our Head Office shows all our properties in its windows 24/7 via TV screens. So next time your looking to choose an agent then remember how your agent will be trying to attract buyers not only locally but from areas which are more affluent than ours because in this difficult trading environment it could be the difference between selling your home or not!!!

Enjoy and remember if you have any queries please feel free to give me a call at Fine and Country on 01603 221888 or email me at

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