Cambridgshire cottages compete on price with country equivalents

Stuart Harris, head of residential sales at the Cambridge office of national property consultancy Carter Jonas, considers the appeal of a country cottage in Cambridgeshire when it comes to price

Stuart Harris

Stuart Harris of Carter Jonas

At just over half a million pounds (£575,000) as the average price for a country cottage in the Cambridge area, this county competes favourably with Oxfordshire or Hampshire equivalents but price differentials exist depending on the cottage’s location within our county.

In looking at the values of cottages, for this purpose a ‘cottage’ is defined as having three bedrooms, being detached with a smallish garden and parking.   In considering the regional comparisons, there’s reference to a sizeable sample of county areas traditionally associated with country houses, whatever their size.

In terms of price for cottage properties, Cambridgeshire ranked fifth with an average price of £575,000 – considerably below Oxfordshire which occupied the top spot with the most expensive at £695,000.   Hampshire equivalents around Basingstoke and Winchester at £675,000 and £600,000 respectively.

At the other end of the table, Shrewsbury in Shropshire and Bangor in North Wales were ranked 15th and 16th with cottage values at £325,000 and £300,000.

Cambridge city centre is a hot spot in the property market for sure, but those looking for a country cottage lifestyle can seek and find it in locations in the surrounding area for an average price much less than more conventional home county equivalents.

That being said, there is a distinction to be drawn between locations in our county – north and south and even within neighbouring parishes when it comes to price.

Even for those looking for a country cottage, access to amenities and transport still counts and this will be reflected in the advised guide price.

 A cottage is defined as having three bedrooms, detached, 1,750 sq ft with a smallish garden and private parking.

Rank Place Cottage value(average price)
1 Oxford £695,000
2 Basingstoke £675,000
3= Kendal £600,000
3= Winchester £600,000
5 Cambridge £575,000
6 Bath £500,000
7 Newbury £500,000
8= Marlborough £475,000
8= Harrogate £475,000
10= Suffolk £450,000
10= York £450,000
10= Leeds £450,000
13 Northampton £400,000
14 Huddersfield £350,000
15 Shrewsbury £325,000
16 Bangor £300,000
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