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Forget about bubbles… we’re getting sustainable growth

I have found the past year very frustrating. It seems that for every positive story in the media about the property market, there are five negative ones. Most of the time it is sensationalism rather than fact. The latest negative … Continue reading

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Is it time to slacken the grey belt?

The ‘grey belt’ is sometimes mistaken for its glamorous sister the green belt and thereby misunderstood. In practice it is far less lovely. It does not delight us with the unmolested and inviting vision of the rural idyll. It is … Continue reading

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We have lift-off!

With prices increasing faster than the UK average, London has proved incredibly buoyant. However, it seems that the South East is hot on its heels. Since the start of the year, the South East really has started to lift off, … Continue reading

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With a housing shortage, should we make room for micro homes?

The RIBA reports that the average home in Britain is smaller than those in The Netherlands and even Japan, where there are similar constraints on land. It makes the case for minimum space standards. The London plan has minimum space … Continue reading

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Help to Buy: threat or boost to the economy?

The Help to Buy initiative was only launched on April 1, but some pessimists have been quick to criticise the scheme. I want to fight back on behalf of Help to Buy. Launched by George Osborne in his last Budget, … Continue reading

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Homes24 is now on Facebook and Google+

We’re happy to announce that homes24 has just launched a new Facebook page and Google+ account for property lovers. Follow our property market news and advice, enter competitions and join in the conversation with your own tips, stories and photos. … Continue reading

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Are private-house-sale websites now the way to sell your home?

Some 99 per cent of home-buyers look online when searching for a house. So why not use a fixed-fee nationwide home sales website? Your particulars will be prepared and advertised online, and offers can be submitted to you through the … Continue reading

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